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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
That's only my opinion, chill.

Still I base this theory on the way our players play the game, how the coaches coach our teams, how the fans, just like media, really have no clue what goes on the ice. I've been posting/lurking in hockey forums for couple of years now and I envy, just envy how insightful and logical thinking people are here people on NHL team GD threads (not the main troll board obviously). Just open any of discussions, each next comment is more ******** than previous. Just listen to the interviews of, say Miļūns or Tambijevs of their vision of the team, it's like they not even see how their players are actually playing or what are their trumps, I really have no idea how any of them pick their rosters. Just compare them to the Ted Nolan, remember how fantastic looking was our team before wheels fell of against the Norway (still not sure what happened till now). Those were the same mediocre players as in the past 10 years, but see what actual, hockey understanding, coach can do.

Enough off-topic. Bring on the cheese!
Well its not really fair to bring in SC in this one,its full of teenagers and trolls,so its not really a representative of our fans.

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