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Originally Posted by Wiems35 View Post
As easy as soccer is to pick up when you're little, it seems just as easy to drop when you get older. I've searched for a study that shows how long the average soccer player plays in an organized league vs other sports, but IMO, people who have to pay more just to play their sport, tend to care about staying with it more.
Great angle. When I was kid, I had friends who played soccer, but I can't say I remember them ever talking about it around me. They never mentioned a favourite team or anything, nothing about soccer. Oh, but they made no secret of being hockey fans or football fans, we talked about that all the time. And I'm not the kind of guy who would ridicule somebody for liking soccer, especially if they knew that I knew they played it (Good sport, just not the easiest for me to watch a lot, but I prefer it to baseball and basketball now, when it used to be when I was a kid that I would watch any of the big 4 sports but not soccer.). One of my friends played soccer and lacrosse and he dropped soccer in his early teens. I had another friend drop soccer for hockey. I enjoyed playing it in elementary school during lunch, but it never translated to me watching it and cheering for any team.

But there is much more exposure to soccer on TV now than there was back then. It will never be bigger than hockey in Canada, though, but it's trying.

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