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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
Now that Enstrom is re-signed, I would strongly consider Wilson+1st for him. I hate to lose (another) 1st, but that might be the way it goes.

Buff....The issue with him is that we need a Suter replacement, who was more in the mold of Enstrom. If Weber had left and Suter stayed, I'd want Buff over Enstrom, but a Weber-Buff pairing would be a disaster.
Looks like I've got strong support from the Wpg side for this one.

Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
My trading pieces are Buff and Burmi, but i'm not sure i like Hornqvist enough to move either for him. Definitely not Wilson.
I have been a huge Enstrom supporter and strong proponent of trading Buff for youth and talent, but Spaling has it right about Nashville's needs. The question about Enstrom is, "Is he untouchable?" If not, then one can consider a trade for him, but only if the price is right, My price is youth, a forward on the verge of breakout and a first rounder (for reasons stated below). Maybe others think the price is different...

Originally Posted by Grind View Post
yeeep. Not all firsts are equal. After the top 5 the best you can hope for is pretty much a coin toss of them being more then a third liner.
Yeah, I know all about low first rounders. But here's my rationale. I'm looking 3 years ahead for this team, to when our talented youth matures. Buff and Enstrom will both be in their 30s by then. Wilson could be on the verge of breaking out and just be in his prime. Also, this upcoming draft is VERY deep and if you believe, as I do, that Nashville may take a turn for the worse with the loss of Suter, we could get a highish first rounder. Now count our '13 draft picks and imagine what we could do with them.
If you are willing to delay gratification with this team, it's something to consider, although I'd much rather use Buff as trade bait than Enstrom.

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