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12-27-2012, 08:45 AM
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Well the good news is, with yellow superfeet in my skates, slipon style compression wraps on both ankles, and some tape around both ankles, my feet are *much* straighter, I could tell the difference right away. In hindsight I was stupid for not thinking of this before, as 18 years of inline skating --> a lot of twisted/sprained ankles, and so I'm pretty sure both ankles are super wobbly and loose. I mean, I once horrifically rolled my ankle playing intramural *dodgeball* in college. So, yeah.

Bad news-still can't stop properly. BUT I think it's more mental now than mechanical. Coach recommended I dumb it back down to a snowplow, but when I turn my lead foot in, it simply starts going in that direction/there's no stopping motion. Am I not leaning on the correct part of the foot?

But I'm still hopeful now that I've got this portion sorted out. It's funny, I can skate as fast if not faster, and turn on a dime at medium speed to start a breakout play, but if I'm going top speed, at some point crash into the boards, much to the delight/chagrin of my teammates.

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