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12-27-2012, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
I find ballpark effect in general to be very overrated.

I really don't think it affects power hitters. When a guy with power gets one, it's gone.

Using the Yankees example, when Teixeira and Swisher were hitting them into the 2nd deck in right, which is where a vast majority of their homers go, those are in fact gone in any stadium.

Here's a chart of Mark Teixeira's 24 homeruns. Not a single one traveled less than 350. Only 5 traveled lass then 375 and 4 of them are in the 135-120, or 60-45 zones, which are right down the lines. Name one park in MLB that's 375 down the line. So what does he gain playing in a "hitters" park? Maybe 1 homerun?
Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
Now there are exceptions of course. Granderson's charts show massive regression outside of Yankee Stadium. But power numbers are generally consistent from stadium to stadium using this type of data.
Yeah, Yankee Stadium has pretty much made Granderson what he is at the present day. Guy was never a big slugger before he got there.

Overall, though, I think it's pushing it to just compare ballpark to ballpark with the overlays. Because as has been mentioned, the ball doesn't carry the same everywhere.

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