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12-27-2012, 08:16 AM
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>>#1. I would like to take him to the Pats game - the official NEPats website says that they are sold out - so is buying scalper tix the best way to go?

Stub Hub or Ace Ticket.

>>#2. Is it better to stay in Boston or outside closer to the stadium?

There is a handy "Football Train" that leaves from Back Bay in downtown Boston and ships you out and back to the Stadium.

The stadium is a good drive out of the city and if you want to stay in Boston you might be well served to look at the train, otherwise maybe not stay in the city. Personally, I would stay in Boston and not drive to the game.

>>#3. Does anyone know of a good hotel to stay at?

Depends how much you want to spend. Areas I would look at would be around Copley Square, around the Aquarium/waterfront, or Back Bay. The North End is fun too, lots of restaurants. It's on the edge of the downtown scene so you'll be using the subway, cabs, or feet to get other places, but there's enough to do there to keep amused.

>> #4. Also looking for some good restaurants....

Depends what you like. It's a pretty good restaurant town. Most of the neighborhoods are pretty easy to get to by the subway or even walking, depending on the weather. It's a pretty small city, good for walking. What kind of food and budget are you partial too?

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