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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I'm glad they adjusted the economic situation such that 20th I.1 > 1st II.X but they still need to work on HOW MUCH teams make. I've spent $242M since day one on my team for player salaries. That is paid for entirely by skybox and souvineir cash. In my books, expenses should be higher and income lower - especially player salaires... they're way too low. If you got a 2,000 OR player... then pay 5M/day for him. That'd get people to start thinking about slowing training down and managing training rates.
Wait, is that true now? So does a 20th team in II.X league make more than 1st in III.X league? I thought only about 10 teams in the higher league make more than the top team in lower league. Does that mean it's woth to promote even if you won't win any games?

Btw, anyone saw Leggman's newest pull? 470 OR 6/6! So lucky

Edit: was just thinking about what you said to give top players 5M /day salary, why not just do what the NHL did, implement salary cap, so team would have only few top players, not entire lineup out of superstars? And maybe add 50 or so contract limit, fine would still be payed if more than 40 players, but there would also be limit so top teams with billions of cash wouldn't be just able to buy any top rookie they would like.

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