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Originally Posted by MasterD View Post
They don't care about these things so much. Egos. That's what they're fighting over. Bragging rights as to who "won".

Disgusting how much no one cares about the fans in those negociations.

The players already lost more in this cancelled half-season than what the owners wanted to rollback in the first place.
Every time I hear this 'ego' argument re Bettman and Fehr I just Vom. It's the stupidest most ignorant argument you can possibly make. Yes, of course they have egos, but not in the way you think. They honour their contracts, and take pride in carrying them out to the best of their abilities. That is their 'ego'.

1. Fehr represents the players. They employ him. Therefore he is being Duly Diligent and trying for the best deal possible, and he is well aware that losing a full season as a 3rd liner on 1 mill is bad, very bad. I would wager that every player understands the situation they are in right now, and that Fehr will give them the chance to agree to a deal. He is a professional, not Han Solo.

2. Bettman has to deal with maniacs like Jacobs. Jacobs is his boss. I would not work for Jacobs, but Bettman does, at the moment. I am sure he is heartily sick of it too. But at this time, he has a contract. He follows morally acceptable orders from his bosses, even if he may not agree with them. So do I, and I am an independent registered professional. As long as I work for my boss, I will only disobey him if he asks me to lie, cheat, steal or endanger the public I design buildings for. He owns my office, not me. We are very clear on this, and my boss knows it. I am sure Bettman has told the governers the same thing. He is employed by the owners. He is not Darth Vader.

But in your world, Bettman and Fehr are in Star wars 7, fighting with light sabres. Grasp reality, please.

Look to Jacobs and his ilk if you want to blame.That has been my position from the beginning, and it is more justified every day.

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