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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
The votes in 1941-42 were (1st place vote - 2nd place vote)

1) Frank Brimsek (24-6)
2) Turk Broda (3-22)
3) Chuck Rayner (3-2)

It's a little wacky because I think they were already weighting per city, but on the face of it, 5 of 30 voters thought Rayner was a top 2 goalie in the league, and nobody thought anyone other than these three was a top 2 goalie. Rayner obviously finished way behind the top 2 (all 30 voters thought Brimsek was a top 2 goalie and 25 of 30 thought Broda was). But I do think it means something that the 5 of 30 voters who didn't think Broda was a top 2 goalie all picked Rayner.
The only thing -- not very good competition.

Henry, Lopresti, Mowers (who appeared to have a down year), and Paul Bibeault were the starters. Both Henry and Bibeault were young -- not that it's relevant for Bibeault.

His third place is somewhat revealing that he could hold a regular NHL job, but it's certainly not as impressive as if he would have been doing this against Durnan & Lumley (amongst others).

All in all -- I think it does have to be considered in the same light than Reardon's rookie season, but I might have had a better opinion (of Reardon's season) than what you seemed to have.

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