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12-27-2012, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
Most skates are made for a flatter foot, so that everyone can put them on, but at the same time do not properly support even an average arch. Superfeet do add arch. This will make it worse only if you have low arches, as long as you tie your skates with the same snugness at the instep (same snugness means you will have more room since you will tie them with the super feet in place)

The problem with normal to high arches is lack of support at the arch, and with skates tied at all snug there is a constant pressure downward trying to collapse the arch (which lengthens the foot)

I'm not familiar with the fit of the 14Ks but if they have good arch support for an average foot that would be unusual as it would rule out a lot of people even being able to wear them.
Thanks for the input but by the sounds of it, it seems that the added arch support from and insole would make and already tight area of the skate even more tight. The reebok 14k's have very little arch and fit my foot quite nicely whereas the mission skates have a pretty significant rise in the middle of the skate and don't fit my foot nearly as well. So I'll probably not use the insoles. That is unless I am misunderstanding this alltogether. thanks.

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