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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
A) You're implying that there exists such a thing as an NHL/hockey insider. Hardly. The only person I disregard more than Stubbs is that boob Darren Dreger.
B) You just like to disagree and attempt to refute anything I say. Even at your own expense. Stubbs the main Habs sportswriter and columnist. Says so in his bio even. He's just a melodramatic loony who thinks that everyone cares about Mathieu Darche's kid's elementary school's fundraiser - creating the air of "feature articles". From what I remember Hickey was the feature article writer.

Might have changed recently, I'm not sure.

I'm not sour about anything. I have worked with apprenticing sports journalists and one of my best friends works for sports radio. There is literally nothing attractive about a sports journalist's life or their work. I have only contempt and distrust for them for the reasons I've listed above.

Look at even the "good ones" - Farber, Brunet, MAGodin, LeBrun. They all create from artifice, they jam quotes and minor events into self-made narratives and it's just so phoney and disgusting to see. They're not journalists, they're rag tabloids.

Agreed on all counts. I remember hating Gainey, then liking him, and now I just don't know what to think. The man set us back so many years after a promising start. And he's REVERED by the fanbase whereas Gauthier got us more in 1.5 years and he's loathed. It's ridiculous.

Gainey hung on on Jacques Lemaire to hire Jacques Martin and then traded for Gomez and signed Cammy and Gionta - all in a span of 2 weeks. How much worse can it get?

Agreed on all counts as well. The man knows how to manage a business, just not as an NHL GM. It explains why a competitive and knowledgeable brain-trust in Chicago immediately hired him as Director of Player Personnel following this supposedly "calamitous" season.

The blame squarely lied on Jacques Martin, The woeful production of Cammy and Gomez and Markov's numerous setbacks (in that order) to say otherwise is just ingenious of the reality of the situation.
I am not disagreeing with WhiskeySeven i am disagreeing with anyone who thinks that feature article writers like Dave Stubbs should be writing about X's and O's. Stubbs gives you the Beliveau and Red Fisher nostalgia articles and yeah, tells you about how the players cook , or what their kids are doing, etc. I don't find all of his articles interesting, but at least I know what he's bringing to the table. And he's a pretty well travelled writer with connections that have been well preserved through respectful, mind-your-own-business coverage of the players and ex-players.

Coincidentally I have personally worked with Dave Stubbs on a feature article about the pioneering days of Habs discussion boards on Usenet , and the experience was a pleasure. He's definitely not an X's and O's guy more of a journalist who brings you interesting stuff about what's going on outside the rink.

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