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12-27-2012, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
Felton being out is fine. Prigioni will get more time. Kidd can run the offense. What I did like was Chandler shooting the ball and not just looking for dunks and tip ins. He needs to do that more. Make a team respect he might pop out slightly and hit a jumper off the pick and roll. Sure, him rolling hard is big, but the threat is nice.

That's something I hope Amare can bring. Kurt Thomas can do it, but he's too old to rely on for a long time. Amare doing that and Melo racking up the points would be the best thing. Amare needs to take a page from Bosh. That would be what this team needs. Rebound, set screens, and hit open shots.
It hurts extra because it would definitely be in the Knicks best interest to keep the miles on Kidd's legs at a minimum, he's going to need to play a big role in the playoffs.

Prigioni and White will get more time. This helps in the sense now that the Knicks won't need to cut the roster when Amar'e comes back (which will also take a bit of a load off the guards) as far as I know.

Don't really think the Knicks need to go out there and spend assets or extra money to bring in another point-guard. Just run some extra sets with JR or 'Melo running the floor.

Losing Felton is going to hurt big-time. Despite pulling off the win last night due to JR's heroics, I think Felton was truly missed on the floor. But I'm a Felton lover, and I'm sure BroadwayBlues disagrees with my analysis here

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