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12-27-2012, 10:47 AM
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Plus you get a free coupon from How to Hockey for percentage off. Buy them from

Dryland Flooring Tiles - Tiles built for hockey shooting, stickhandling, and passing. You can build on them. Buy them individually, but several floor tiles (I forget the number, it's in the video) equals the size and cost of Roll-Up Shooting Pad, except you can build on them

Roll-Up Shooting Pad- The best shooting pad that is MOBILE. You can not really build on this. Gives you alot of space, but if you get the Floor Tiles you can build off them slowly and use the smooth surface to get the mechanics of pushing off your legs and transferring your weight

Either, other than synthetic ice which is out of the question as it is too expensive, slide very well compared to ice. Not the same. You will still have a slight adjustment period. Pucks sometimes roll if you don't have soft hands, but not even close to concrete or asphalt.

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