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Originally Posted by ss53mech View Post
I left before you posted this. How would they do that? After putting on the Reebok skates today I definitely believe that the mid skate width and arch is the problem. Prior to wearing those I honestly thought that skates were meant to squeeze the sides of the mid foot and arch. Clearly that is not the case, but I don't know how they can really make the skate that much wider in that area.

I'll see what the bake today does for them and I'll get back to you as to wether it's better or just different.
For me the boots being too narrow up front is similar to lack of arch support.

If you don't have enough arch support, you're basically balancing on the oustides of the foot while the arch is up in the air. The ligaments and muscles of the foot have to try and hold you up. It's like holding a dumbbell out in front of's not bad for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, but then it starts to hurt and gets exponentially worse.

The reason skates being too narrow up front can cause this is because the feet want to flatten out after a few minutes. Skates are too stiff for the sides to expand slightly so there's no room for the foot to flatten out and expand. You end up with your arch elevated and the same thing as above.

Now when I first got this pain, I tried Superfeet and it helped a lot while skating, but as soon as I took my skate off, it was horrible foot cramping and pain located just behind the ball of the foot going into the arch and the very outside of my feet. Finally I got the boots stretched and punched up front and it went away.

I'm not experienced enough to know which is which but I can tell you every pair of skates I've bought has had crippling arch and outside of the foot pain until I get them stretched and punched and then it goes away.

Also, this happened with my new Grafs which had SIDAS insoles. Those are $100 heat molded insoles that use an air bladder to fit them perfectly to my foot. It wasn't lack of support, it was too narrow a boot.

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