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12-27-2012, 11:30 AM
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Easiest way is to use a golf ball and do some stickhandling without tape.

Use a wood stick and the ball "sticks" to the blade. There aren't little vibrations and it's not bouncing off the blade.

Then try a cheap composite and the ball will bounce off the blade, it feels hollow, feels like plastic, might even feel like the blade is broken. That's "pingy" or "ceramic".

Some high end sticks will have a "hot" blade that feels like a cheap composite. There might be a lot of "pop" to it, but mostly it makes stickhandling and catching passes harder.

With a wood stick, you don't have to do much to catch a hard pass. Just hold on tight and get the puck on the blade. With a lively composite blade, the puck might just bounce off, so you have to deflect the puck where you want it to go, trap it against the ice, use one hand to deaden the pass, etc.

The golf ball though is telling for me. A good composite blade (like the Total One, high end Warriors, Easton's Mako) feels quick and light and you don't lose the golf ball when handling quickly. A cheap composite blade it's hard to tell where the ball is on the blade and I find I lose the ball handling quickly.

It's personal preference really, but most people like a soft feeling blade.

By the way, the Total One has about as soft a blade as you can find. Surprised you don't like it. The X:60 was very pingy feeling but the APX has a similar blade to the TO for better feel.

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