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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
Messier has two Harts to Lindros' one. Two Pearsons to Lindros' one. Two first-team All-Star births (against superior prime 99 and 66 competition) to one for Lindros (and one second-team). Messier finished in the top five of scoring five times to Lindros' once. And on top of that, Messier was the better leader, clutch performer (by a mile), and gives up only a slight edge in the physicality department (usually Lindros' ace-in-the-hole in these comparisons).

How in God's name is Lindros winning this poll?

I was thinking the same thing. To me, Lindros is like Eric Dickerson or Dwight Gooden, in that the hype machine was churning well before their pro debut. They physically could have all been the greatest player their respective sport ever produced because of a few seasons of mind-numbing dominance.

Messier played with reckless abandon and was as durable as they come. If you sneezed on Lindros, he would miss time.

IMO that's what seperates Lindros from Messier.'Could have been" doesnt count for me. I know what I saw, and Messier as both an Oiler and as a Ranger he sustained being the complete package whereas Lindros could only do it over two full seasons (if you count 1995 as a full season)

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