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12-27-2012, 12:09 PM
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Thought I'd post a few game takes from the game last night since I finally got the chance to catch the Aeros play for the first time in a couple weeks..

Larsson-The kid is an absolute workhorse, he's very strong on the puck and with his stick. Not the fastest player but has speed(although an unorthodox skating stride). He caused some havoc the entire game with his relentless work ethic on the forecheck. I think if the lockout ever ends and Granlund moves on to the Wild he should start putting up more points offensively playing with more skilled players than Broda and Palmer.

Hackett-He played OK. Almost seemed lazy at times and he has a very non chalant, laxydasical style. He often relies on his athleticism and while he can make the unreal highlight save I'd like to see him be more solid on the simple shots. I think he could learn a thing or two from Backsrom's game. It would be nice to see Kuemper come in and steal some starts to push Hackett, I think he may be getting too comfortable knowing he is going to start every game.

Granlund-Was curious to see what was up with Mig64 since the injury and he looked every bit as good as he did earlier in the season. He made about 4 passes that make you go ????? how did he just do that? He set up the Coyle goal and should've had an assist had Cuma buried the OT chance. Also a 5 ft backhand lob across the offensive zone to the defenseman on a PP that eventually led to the Coyle goal was just filthy. A pass that only players with that skill could make(think Datsyuk here). His wrist shot is an NHL shot and I'd like to see him use it more. One thing that you never hear about that he is very good at is the defensive side of the puck, he stopped 2 or 3 rushes with very good back checks and that part of his game is unadvertised, but extremely proficient.

Genoway-I thought he was the Aeros best defenseman by far. I think Torch realizes this too as he played a million minutes. Id be curious to see how many minutes he actually played.

Cuma-Improvement from other games I've seen. Still probably a bust but if he could gain some more confidence and eliminate that one bone head play every two periods then he would be fine. He also lined up one nice open ice hit and I'd like to see more of that.

Phillips-Skating is still the issue here, tough to generate offense playing on the 4th line and I am surprised they haven't moved him to wing yet to get him with more offensive players.

Zucker-Had two token assists but wasn't very noticeable tonight. Having a heck of a season though and wasn't a bad game by any means.

Coyle-wasnt very noticeable but he knows where to be and seems to have a knack for scoring. Keep playing him with a Granlund type center and on the PP and he will pot 30+ every year. 25+ in the NHL in his future.

Palmieri-I liked his game. If a perfect world we could get the Palmieri from Houston to transfer over to the NHL but I'm not sure it will ever happen.

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