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12-27-2012, 12:12 PM
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So what's the deal with Source for Sports Bauer Vapor X:Shift and X:Velocity sticks? Looking at sticks yesterday, SfS is loaded with these sticks mixed in with all of the others.

I googled them and see that they are exclusive SfS models. The only online review I found was from Jarick a while back saying they are crap and they are damn expensive. His comment at the time:

I believe the X Shift is a terrible SMU that's worth about $50 and I wouldn't play with it if you gave it to me for free.
And they are crap, it was the first stick I bought after arriving to Ottawa 4 years ago. Back then I admitted I didn't know much and they sold me the stick for a hefty price.

I take it for my backup but never use it. One of the very experienced guys at my pickup used it after breaking his and commented afterwards how terrible it handled.

Maybe they've improved over the years but I would recommend people steer clear. I just find an exclusive stick to be a bit questionable. Also, the prices I see online and at the store don't match up. The X:Shift sticks at the store had $200+ price tags before markdown while online the prices seem much lower.

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