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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Unfair point. You absolutely need to consider regional rivalries. The Penguins need to be in the same division as New York and Philly. New Jersey and the Islanders need to be in the same division as the Rangers. Ottawa and Boston needs to be in the same division as Montreal and Toronto. Now you have Buffalo, Winnipeg, Tampa, Florida, Washington & Carolina that you need to pigeon hole somewhere.

It's too easy to slam how the NHL's done it without actually coming up with a solution.
How so? Why do the Penguins need to be in a particular grouping, when teams like Dallas have been in with the California teams now far too long. Don't tell me that Dallas "needs" to be in that alignment; or that Minnesota "needs" to be with Vancouver and the Alberta teams; or that Washington needs to be with the Florida teams...
If those alignments didn't need to be, for the sake of those teams, then you damn well know that it was for the sake of other teams being in a specific alignment. And if Dallas doesn't "need" to be in the Pacific, but is nevertheless, then Pittsburgh, or whichever team, can be aligned however, and not based on some phony "need" to be.

And on a similar front... Why do Toronto and Montreal "need" to be in the same Division? They hadn't been for quite some time in the past.

And as for the longevity of alignment pairings... Boston and Buffalo have been in the same Division longer than any other pair of teams in the League. But does that mean they "need" to be?

There were plenty of solutions, if you chuck out this "need" mentality or not simply apply it to the already established teams but also to teams that could use perhaps a little help to get better established. It's just that there's a group of stubborn ole boys club owners who can't be flexible enough to find good solutions for all. In fact, if they're equally as inflexible when trying to create a viable CBA, then perhaps that's a huge part of why these issues never get resolved.

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