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12-27-2012, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by jayball75 View Post
Not a leafs fan but ill agree with you there. Hopefully kadri gets a real chance to stay in the NHL. Now that Wilson isn't there to tear his confidence into a million pieces he could show people what he can do. I'd say kessel from kadri and whoever is lucky enough to play with them would be a good line.
I'm probably one of the biggest negative Leaf fans toward Kadri....but even i'll say, the kid has been resiliant. He has put up with a pile of crap so far here and is showing he can play. My biggest knock has always been his lack of physical play, i've watched alot of Marlies games this year and he seems to be working hard to improve on that. Alot of others tag him as a greedy puck hog....i'm actually good with that. When you are that offensively gifted, i would hope you want the puck alot. That AND, like Kessel (who gets the same knock) last season, Kadri has more assists than goals which shows he can make plays as well.

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