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12-27-2012, 12:20 PM
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It's me again, back in need of girl advice

So there's this girl at school who I've always kind of liked, but have never talked to. One of my buddies is friendly with her and he texted her saying he wanted to set her up with me. She wasn't completely not on board, but she basically said, and I'm paraphrasing, "idk I've never really talked to him and I don't wanna be 'set up'". My friend then said, "maybe we can hang out with you and your friends over break and you guys can get to know each other a bit and if you like him, you like him" and she agreed.

All my friends are away except for one of them and a close acquaintance. Close acquaintance also talks to this girl and wants to help me out. So he set it up that me and him would hang out with her and one of her friends. He then had to go to dinner, so he couldn't come. So I asked my friend to be my wingman. We hung out at my house and just talked, laughed, and got to know each other more. Basically a huge ice breaker. She then said before she left that she wanted to hang out again over break. Then my acquaintance texted her asking what happened and how the night went and she said she had fun and that we're gonna do it again.

So I then texted her all day yesterday making good conversation. I was unsure if I should flirt considering I just hung out once with her, so I tried to be funny, but not over the top flirtatious. I told her how I was bowling and she said that she's not bad at bowling, but hasn't bowled in such a long time. I pounced on the opportunity and asked her if she'd wanna go. She said yea and I asked her when she'd wanna hang out again and we agreed on Saturday.

My friends keep telling me that she's really interested and I feel it too, but my lack of experience with girls leaves me with no confidence and thus I turn to you guys for help. How often should I be texting her? I don't want to "suffocate" her, but at the same time I don't wanna make the mistake of not texting her enough where it seems like I'm not interested. Also, if we go bowling, what do we do after bowling? How do I take things to the next level One of my friends suggested going back to my house to watch a movie or something, what do you guys think? Need help.

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