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12-27-2012, 12:21 PM
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Murphy's games are on enough so that it isn't hard to get a read on him. He is a huge question mark for his defense. I was strongly fighting that bias against small offensive types because he's ours and he's also so good offensively. In the end I'm pretty concerned. His passes out are fine, it's his basic instincts. He doesn't really see the outlets exceptionally well under pressure, because his nature is to skill/skate his way out of trouble because he has so much skill/skate. Just like Faulk he needs to learn that ain't the best way at the highest level. The quicker brain makes the better players in the NHL, over the athleticism and skill. Ask Joe Corvo. Murphy also lacks any real presence around the net. I see stand around waiting for something to react to vs proactively tying people up. Because of that he seems a step behind in scrum situations. I don't mind that he stick checks, he isn't a banger. He just isnt an intelligent one yet, to the point of being a legit potential liability.

He's amazing offensively. My only complaint that way would be that his best stuff tends to be more individual than making teammates better. Not intentionally. He's great at rushing the puck, deftly walking the line and shooting, etc...he just doesn't pass or make his decision till he runs out of time and space sometimes, and misses the right play doing his own thing. You can see him struggling with chemistry with others who arent sure where hes going. He seems to lack that savvy playmaking vision. His passes are great, it's that sixth sense im talking about. That's what makes guys who play the role like Murphy does great. Maybe it'll come. Maybe he'll be fine as is. As is he's our best offensive guy already, and amongst our best ever.

A guy who does possess the "it" is Morgan Reilly. I don't care about all the leafs crap and hype that go along with him. I've waited a bit and watched him a number of times before deciding. Kid is legit. Where Murphy sprints to the open spots, Reilly thinks his way through. My favorite offensive d guy has always been leetch, he could beat you anyway he needed to. Reilly has that. Slinky and deceptive, with not just vision but timing on his passes/plays. Hope he stays healthy enough to make it to the bigs. Leafs did well with that pick. He may end up being the best player out of that top ten.

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