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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
I seem to recall hearing that Tampa despite playing in the Stanley Cup Finals wasn't sold out. And that they were giving away 1 vehicle each home game in an attempt to boost ticket sales.

Not knocking the team, just stating what I remember.
Tampa's attendance in 2003-04 was 90.9%, and the two following years (with a lockout in between) were 103.8% and 100.6%. Lacking game-by-game attendance for 2003-04, I would assume the following happened:
- Tampa was awful in the early 2000s (true)
- They had a big year in 2002-03, with 93 points and a playoff spot (true)
- The attendance didn't jump in 2003-04 to a full sellout because, with the one big year after a string of bad ones, people were taking a wait-and-see attitude rather than committing to a product that might plummet the next year (speculative on my part, but reasonable). The attendance in 2002-03 was 83.7%, which was the latest in a series of year-to-year improvements (that being the 5th of 7 years, culminating in the 103.8% year.)

However, you do mention two things that have happened.
- Not selling out in a Stanley Cup year. The following teams have done that since 1990: Pittsburgh (both years), NY Rangers, New Jersey (all three years), Colorado (1995-96), Detroit (1996-97 and 2007-08), Dallas, Carolina, Anaheim. In the case of Colorado and Dallas, the percentage was so high that it was basically a season sellout (99.7 and 99.9%, respectively).

Teams that did not sell out in a SCF year...Minnesota in 1990-91 is the gold standard by which all others are measured. In a 15,000-seat arena, the North Stars averaged 7,838 for a paltry 52.25% average.

- Giving away a car every night to boost sales. That was Detroit in the early 1980s. Considering the quality of car that was being made at that time, I think the actual promotion could have been "One lucky fan will win a new car, everyone else will get two."

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