Thread: Proposal: Pens and Leafs
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12-27-2012, 01:32 PM
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The Pens score enough without Kessel. They don't need to add him at the cost of a downgrade in goal and on defense. I don't care how you view Reimer and Gardiner. Letang is a number 1 NOW and outside of an atrocious playoff, Fleury is a solid number 1.

What do you think taking away Letang and replacing him with Gardiner would do for the Pens now? Letang is better now and Gardiner may never reach that level. That's a huge downgrade now and won't help the Pens currently. They should be thinking about a Cup run from the start of the next season, not downgrading the goalie position and already sub-par defense in hopes that Gardiner may be as good as Letang someday, Reimer eventually plays big in big moments (Cup finals), and Kessel can help them outscore every team they play since they won't be able to stop anyone. Doing this takes the Pens from winning 40+ games a season to losing games by a score of 7-6.

It also doesn't help Toronto in getting them the center they need. They need to add a center to play with Kessel, not trade him away.

I don't like it at all from a Pittsburgh perspective. Simply put, Pittsburgh says no.

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