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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
There are far fewer plausible explanations when there is video of you sizing up your prey, taking a big windup to hit him while his face is clearly focused across the ice, and then hitting him hard and following through (his stick was low, but in the area where the damage was caused). You can try to make this an East/West thing, but the facts are in your face.
Nice embellishment, but that's all that is. The "facts" are that Jenner hit Petersson x amount of seconds late, straight on neither too high nor too low. Those are the facts. I already stated why I don't think injury should be factored in.

Originally Posted by Pepper View Post
2. When you reactively raise your stick across to protect yourself from incoming hit you noticed a split-second before the impact.
As I said...
Originally Posted by Crede777
I'm sure more reasons can be thought of for both, but in the end I think there are many more possible explanations for hitting another player late than there are for cross-checking him in the face.
You could make the argument that Shalunov had a size difference and didn't mean to cross-check the opposing player in the face in which case I might agree with you. But I haven't seen anyone mention that yet.

In the end I think the only difference between the two (Jenner and Shalunov) which should account for the 3 game suspension versus 1 is that Jenner was also disciplined last year. I don't think injury should be mentioned.

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