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Originally Posted by reecardo View Post
I wear impact shorts and knee pads when if pushing my skating skills at an open skate. Didn't always do this, but after about the 10th time I fell on the same spot on my right knee, I learned my lesson. If I am gonna fall at an open skate, it is usually right at the end when I am tired...

Yeah, I fell on the same spot on my left hip twice, I may have chipped's been about a week and still pretty dark and painful. I just got my hockey pants in and I'm going to wear them now.

Forget the other people, go anyway. They are better skaters then you, and will avoid you. I have been run over a few times at Stick & Pucks by youngsters not watching where they are going, but as long as you are not skating full speed backwards, you have little chance of hitting a hockey player :-)
I got drug out to my first stick and skate on christmas eve by my buddy, ended up playing 2 on 2 with some 14 year old kids. It was a very humbling experience. My friend said I didn't embarrass him, which is good.

I actually just go back from another stick and skate today. There were a bunch of people there. We ended up getting a 4 on 4 game with a goalie. I didn't try to do much, just spent a lot of my time making sure I didn't fall down, working on transitions. As the game went on I got a little more ballsy, dashing for pucks down at the boards, playing better defense, actually stopped a few rushes

toward the end I took two pucks though, one to the side of my knee and another to the shin. Split my skin open and got a few nice gooseggs, but I guess that's how it goes. I didn't realize there were going to be that many kids there (15 year olds or so), they weren't really paying attention on controlling their shots because their friends were all padded out, but me and a few others weren't. I plan to go tomorrow, but I also plan to wear my shinguards and pants.

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