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Originally Posted by kevinsane View Post
I watch Raw and Smackdown hoping that one day Cena will have an EPIC opponent, a challenge that builds over a year and places stresses on him that reveal chinks in the "Super Cena" facade. As much as I like The Rock, you can't just dictate that scenario. It has to percolate, and have more believability.
I worry the WWE is wasting its greatest talent, exhausting his character to the point of caricature and disdain.
I don't watch to see a role model, no matter how genuinely awesome he is publicly. I watch to see larger than life BATTLES.
Nobody gets enough of a push, or recognition they deserve one, for this to happen. Instead, Vicki gets a new fiancée. Yawn.
Well said

The Punk/Cena feud that peaked at MITB 2011 was the last really good feud in a couple years. Larger than life, as you put it. Hasn't really been one since that point. As much as they tried with the WM28 Rock v Cena feud, it fell short of expectations because the Rock wasn't making enough live appearances, and when he was in the ring during the build he certainly wasn't involved in anything physical.

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