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12-27-2012, 03:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BrawlFan View Post
They hype for this guy is getting out of control. I'll reserve my judgement until I see his stats in the SEL for a full year without the aid of NHL players.

In regards to him at the WJC. I'm super glad he is doing well. It will definitely be good for his development and his confidence to be leaned on heavily by the Swedish team and should push him in the right direction to fix any areas of his game lacking based on the play of others his own age.

Saying that, if Sweden was fully healthy where would he slide in? He'd have to be behind Lindholm and Klefbom. I was positive there was a 3rd defenceman that was injured as well. So he would be either a #3/#4. Claesson, a 6th rounder in 2011 was a top 4 dman for Sweden last year and isn't making me beleive he'll be more than a 6th dman in the NHL. An amazing return for a 6th rounder but a 6th dman is still a 6th dman. They are a dime a dozen and can be had for peanuts. There is no need to be this excited for a guy who's had 2 good games.
Just pointing out that he produced more before the NHL players arrived. he had like 5 goals in the first 4 games.

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