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12-27-2012, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
The conditions that Burns was traded under, are very different from the conditions Gaborik would be dealt under.

You act as if Gaborik will be the only highly paid player being shopped, as if the Rangers will be the only team trying to reduce it's payroll facing a $10m cap reduction.When Burns was traded, we did not have teams facing a $10m cap reduction and the NHL saying buyouts would count against the cap.

But according to Larry Brooks of The New York Post, the owners are strongly against amnesty buyouts as part of the transition toward a 50-50 split of hockey related-revenue between the owners and the players.

That's because the league sees such buyouts as money being paid outside the new cap system.

If the new CBA sets a $60 million cap for next season with no amnesty buyouts, no allowance for teams to absorb salary to facilitate trades and restrictions on player demotion, the summer of 2013 could see an unusually high number of players moved
The Rangers are smack in the middle in payroll right now. If we need to move players to get under the cap, there's a problem. It won't be possible for all the teams to get under the cap if those conditions apply. The NHL will be flexible (at least more so than it currently is) in terms of transition.

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