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12-27-2012, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Crede777 View Post
I think another year in Portland would also have been a waste.

He wouldn't have learned anything new down there and would have potentially fostered poor habits like taking shifts off and being able to just dominate other players without a concern for defense. In the NHL he learned that nothing is going to be given to him on a silver plate. He learned what a professional atmosphere is like and how much further he has to go before he becomes a top-6 NHL forward.

While getting 12 minutes a night as a 4th line winger isn't ideal, it's better than sending him back to Kindergarten when he has a 3rd grade reading level.
It can work both ways. A year in an NHL press box helped Tyler Seguin immensely, but that was with a successful team that was full of leaders and winners. An example of the opposite would be Alex Pietrangelo, who, in spite of being thought of as ready to play in the NHL, spent an extra year in junior. He dominated the competition, but did it hamper his development at all?

I think it's a moot argument, as each player is different. The key is that, at some point, every player has to go through some sort of growing pains and learn to be a professional. This is where a guy like Steve Mason never matured - perhaps he was thrust into too important a role too soon. Learning the way of NHL life and being a professional/adult is as important as learning all of the systems and adjusting to the speed of the game.

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