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Originally Posted by TheAntiPrice View Post
Has anyone here ever taken math 200 in Concordia? I need to take this if I want to get into the psychology program.

I haven't done any math in years, I barely passed high school math with 60s, I'm not sure I even understood much past the arithmetic stages but somehow got through it.

Here's the course outline (this is for fall but the winter one shouldn't be too different):

Is this doable if I brush up on my basic arithmetic in the next 2 weeks? Can I learn all this if I have NO knowledge of algebra to begin with?

Also, is this the equivalent of algebra I?

Yes, I do realize some of you engineering students are probably laughing at this right now, but some constructive comments would be very helpful before I dive myself deep into this.
This is pretty much Math 436/514 or Math 536 in HS.

I know Math 202 is pre-cal. So I'd figure math 201 is 536 and 200 would be 436.

This is just a guess.

It isn't on this list:

Thus, it is not a cegep course.

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