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12-27-2012, 04:02 PM
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Here's probably the best one.

Finally, Rule #8. The final, and probably most important rule.

If I get multiple, reliable reports of you exploiting any cheesy or cheap moves, or taking advantage of gamey loopholes, you're gone. I will not tolerate people who use unfair methods to get a leg up just because they're not man enough to play without a free handicap in their favor. This is non-negotiable.

However, having said that, I will be sure of it before I punish it. I understand the difference between using a glitchy shot, and being allowed to stroll into the slot and fire one off from a high percentage area. I know the difference between something that is cheating, and something that is lame but fair.

If you don't know if a move is allowed or not, ask and ye shall receive knowledge, and if you're doing something cheesy and I don't think you're aware that it's cheesy, you will be informed. I will try to be as fair as I can about this. I've already talked to one person about a borderline unfair move, and it was easily sorted out with an "Okay, I understand. That sounds fair and I'll try not to do it anymore." There were no further issues with that person.

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