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12-27-2012, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bshaw View Post
What's the point if I'm gunna try something that won't work? The point is to win and let's not talk about being realistic. I've seen the most unrealistic trades happen here, people trading for the sake of trading. If someone wants to snipe short side every time. Take it away. I think if there was a poll about " glitch goals" and if they are used too much you would lose because you just sound like a whiny kid right now. Go join a league with rules then
I'm not whining.. you asked me to produce a league with rules, so I gave it to you?

Of course I'm going to lose a poll about glitch goals, majority of people here do them, so of course people are going to vote for them..

Again, I wasn't complaining, I was replying to some one else and you replied to me and I answered your question.

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