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12-27-2012, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by SH15 View Post

You realize there was less than 1 second from the time the puck left Pettersson's stick until the hit right?
You can facepalm all you want, it doesn't make your argument any better.

Do you realize that 1 second (it was likely more than that) in a game of hockey is a lot of time? Goalies react to incoming shots in fractions of that.

When you're going for a hit, your whole body is primed & alert, ready to react to whatever happens. Jenner had plenty of time to abort hit/slow down.

Originally Posted by SH15 View Post
But that doesn't change the fact that crosschecking someone in the teeth is definitely dirtier than throwing a bodycheck a bit too late.
Shalunov didn't intentionally crosscheck the opponent in the face, how hard is this to understand? He saw the opponent coming at him just before the impact and raised his stick to protect himself.

And Jenner's hit was much more than "a bit too late".

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