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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
If you're suggesting an NFL team would come to Toronto, and play at Rogers Centre before any official agreements for the construction and funding of a new stadium are in place, then that is incorrect. The league wouldn't move to a new market without the guarantee of a new NFL stadium.

Even if they did allow it, it's not like the owners are going to be able to pressure the various levels of goverment to fork over $500 - $750 million for stadium funding once the team is in Toronto. People remember Skydome selling for pennys on the dollar a few short years ago. Also, in general, the various levels of government in Canada do not fund sports facilities to the same level as those in the U.S.
Of course a new stadium would be guaranteed.

That's really at the heart of the argument here. If there is an owner, who is then willing to get a stadium (regardless of means), with PSL's and superboxes, and in turn corporate sponsorship, the rest will line up. Tampa Bay can't sell out games, with a fairly new stadium and owners willing to deal with blackouts, and I don't see people trying to move them. In fact they went on a spending spree in free agency.

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