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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
I would agree that Nichushkin lacks hockey sense, is soft when the game gets physical (although I impressed with improvements in that area), and doesn't demonstrate many playmaking tendencies in terms of being aware of his linemates.


The skills he does have, are elite. He is arguably the best skater in the draft. He handles the puck with ease, and his ability to attack from the outside translates well to the pro game. High ceiling... High bust factor
Still, his size, speed, power combo is very enticing to me.
I'd agree he has some very intriguing tools, but since I look at hockey sense above pretty much everything else, he's a no-go for me.
The hockey sense seems to be mind blowingly low for an NHL prospect and it looks like he hasn't ever learned how to actually play hockey.
He wants to play one way and that's his robotic style that involves powering through everyone and cutting inside, which would be more intriguing if he showed more finish, a more dangerous shot, and went harder to the net than he does.
He looks like a manchild playing peewee or bantam that does everything himself, which is how many elite players look at that age because they are clearly better, but he should be years beyond that.
It also makes you wonder about how coachable he is, as some coach has to have gotten tired of him by now.

Some say Rick Nash, but he looks more like Viktor Stålberg or his teammate, Maxim Shalunov.

Drouin's size+lack of upper end skating concerns me. He is quick, but not explosive. He is a much more complete player than Nich, but I prefer players that have an elite skill or 2 at the top of the draft. While Drouin stands out in his own right, I am still keenly aware of his play before he got on the Mackinnon line before last year's post season.

Drouin is the safe top 10 pick. You know he's gonna be a player. At worst, you get a pesty/skill 3rd line 20/20 guy. Or maybe he's the next Jeff Skinner...

If I had to choose between the 2... it would be difficult.
He doesn't really have to be explosive since he's quick and agile and is so intelligent.
As for his skills, I'd say his puck skills and sense/vision are pretty elite.
His intangibles like competitiveness and clutch ability are up there too if you buy into those things even though they're hard to measure.
He's not just an offensive player either, as I think he reads the game very well all over the ice and uses his stick so well, whether it's stealing the puck or getting a piece of a pass to break it up.
His hand-eye is very good also.

As for his play prior to lining up with MacKinnon, it was still at a high level.
He was making things happen but was still getting used to the league.
It was a difficult time to transition because he came in right around when the intensity starts to ramp up and the games start to matter, plus he was coming off a groin injury and wasn't as strong then.
Even then, he still produced like an elite player, albeit in a shortened season.
They complement each other so well, but neither is a product of the other.
They're both elite in their own right.

Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
Is Danny Paille a decent comparison? Then again Paille is probably too small to really fit the comparison, but in terms of style.
No because he isn't as adept at finding himself on a breakaway as Paille is, which is a huge part of his game.

Originally Posted by Jame View Post
Gauthier reminds me of less accomplished Taylor Pyatt... AS A PROSPECT!
This is a pretty good comparison, but it will be taken negatively around here.

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