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12-27-2012, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by OgieO View Post
He's got a very good shot and he moves the puck well enough, but I don't see Chara potential, though to be fair, I didn't see Chara potential in Chara when he was 21 either.

If I had to guess, I think he's capable of 10+ goals a year and 30 or so assists. Assuming he gets a bit of PP time. Certainly would be happy with that.

I think Ceci has potential for more offensive upside than that, but he's so young I don't know if any of us can give a reasonable prediction.

Weircioch has finally developed but I think he's a wee bit behind the other 2 (and obviously considerably behind EK) in terms of offensive upside.

Edit: and I said this before, but if he keeps working on his shot he'd be a great pairing for Karlsson on the PP. Karlsson can clear a ton of space for him to let it go. He just needs to be able to be effective with it (i.e. the anti-Kuba).

I see a lot of people refer to Cowen as in the Chara mold. I don't get it. Chara is arguably the biggest, most fit and strongest player to ever play the game along with having the hardest slap shot ever and by a good margin and could go toe to toe with any enforcer in the game.

Let's just compare Cowen to Cowen because he is no Chara.

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