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Originally Posted by S Bah View Post
The play of our youngsters in Hamilton while gratifying still shows the need to have a few more drafts like last years to really believe the Habs can ice a SC winning team within 4 years.Having 4 picks in the top 60 is nice,while having 4 in the top thirty Priceless,the same as this draft.Thank God we had #5 overall last lockout and Price was there,are the Habs going to get another top five which they obviously need after last season's debacle,who knows?Hab fans are in the precarious position of having a team that can't make the playoffs but could draft in the last 20-30th spots if the antiquated system of logic used in the previous lockout is used once again.While the Bruins could draft 1st overall,this outcome along with the disgraceful pissing match the NHL and NHLPA are having,will certainly do the league even more damage.Bettman by his actions obviously could care less about people who spend money on sporting events as long as he's getting his share.The real travesty here is that people like you and I are being sat on if you get my drift.There better be some logic used in the process for the upcoming draft that actually helps teams that are in the bottom rungs like Columbus & Montreal for a change.Just my humble opinion Gary if you're listening. Sorry about the Rant I've just had it up to my back teeth with the Lockout and all the Whining from the whole works of them,they should be embarassed their little tirades on TV like the World depends on their every whim,get stuffed.
I dont think it really matters who we draft in terms of helping hamilton out. We have some really good young players. Maybe even to many young players! The problem is we surrounded them with goons and a coach I shouldnt believe in.

Im worried about bergevin now. He is the one who hired the coach and signed useless goons to help hamilton. Guys like beaulieu and gallagher are doing pretty good playing for a crap team. But we also had leblanc injured which did not help.

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