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12-27-2012, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post
Don't know if thats the best approach. I know lund, he's the best player I've played against, by far, in any league. He tries to outplay his opponents for wins, I respect that. But if someone has a valid concern they should be able to voice it in hopes of keeping a league with integrity going.

Not to beat a dead rotting decrepit horse here, but who knows, maybe Lund's gameplay has changed due to these settings. Pokes are much more overpowered, easier to spam without getting called, and even can alter your players speed/animations/positioning. Which I've been trying to get a grasp of to perfect and comment on their cheesiness in this game mode. Referring to chops here

either way, KISSESSSS
Just because I feel confident in my poke checks doesn't mean I spam the RB button. I just know when to use it and how to position my self to shut down the opposition. I'm not going to sit around and watch people walk around me.

Also, my gameplay has been the same since day one.

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