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12-27-2012, 06:17 PM
It was 4-1.
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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Remember this post? Especially the bolded part? Now that the facts are in and The Leafs do not give up more goals when Grabovski is not on the ice, you claim GA20 stats are faulty. You even cherry picked Grabovski's best season ignoring his other 3 years with the Leafs and most recent season, it's obvious you are trying way too hard to prop him up as some sort of great defensive centre, when all the evidence I pointed out here says he is not.
The funny thing is, I'm not. Good defensive center? Yes... Best defensive/offensive center on the leafs? Without a doubt. One of the greats in the NHL? No.

I've stated this many times before, but you keep ignoring it. If GA/20 stats aren't faulty, then why the hell is Pleckanec, Zetterberg, Helm, Krejci, etc, GA/20 so high? It's honestly hilarious how you jump around this point and say that we are the ones ignoring the "cold hard stats."

Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Does the Grabovski line know how to protect a lead, they are at their best when they are attacking, they don't chip in pucks or sit back and trap when the Leafs have a lead, this is why the Leafs blow so many leads when Ron Wilson was the Leafs coach. Grabovski doesn't know how to trap or defend, when they are not attacking they are a liability as evidenced by his .939 GF20 and .939 GA20. There is no escaping the cold hard stats.
How do you know Grabovski doesn't know how to trap? He plays the system that the coach implements. That's pretty simple. Grabovski is a possession players. His relative corsi is +14.9(1st on the leafs) which indicates for every 60 minutes Grabovski plays ES, compared to every 60 minutes he isn't on the ice, the Maple Leafs net 14.9 more shots attempts than the opposing team. Funnier thing is, Grabovski only took 143 shots last year. So by having a relative corsi that high and a shot total that low must mean something? It means that he puts teammates in position to get shots on the net, and also restricts the opposition chances.

Ok just to put your GA/60 to rest:

2.80 -- 2.74

ON ice +/- per 60 = .06

Which is actually impressive being that the leafs goal differential was something like -33.

Macarthur, Kulemin and, Grabovski are the only players that didn't finish ON ICE +/- per 60 in the negatives. Wow what a coincidence, both of them were linemates of Grabovskis.

But don't worry. I'm fully expecting you to cherry pick another stat that Grabovski didn't do too well in and use that as your next excuse as to why Grabo sucks.

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