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12-27-2012, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
If you read that list two things shock me. *Well one really doesn't after you think about it a while and realize how much hate is learned, not inherent.

1) How many of them are lawyers.
2) There's really only 3 families involved and two of them are by marriage.*
Not at all surprising. Apart from their "protesting", their main activity is suing people who attack them.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if none of them really believe in the twisted version of Christianity they claim to preach, and they're just doing this as a cynical moneymaking scheme.

Originally Posted by njdevsfn95 View Post
I wonder if Anon could do something useful like finding a legitimate Nigerian banker for me to collect the $8,716,937.26 that I am owed.
I am in contact with several at the moment. Unfortunately, every time they give me a bank account to send the fees to, it ends up in the hands of the authorities and gets shut down. Hmm, I wonder how that keeps happening?

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