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Originally Posted by Penalty Kill Icing View Post
Relax. No where in that post was it mentioned that his career is over. No need for over-reaction.

Besides, its a fair judgement from his part, as Leafs have done previously in case of Reimer denying concussion (and probably Gardiner: Burke called it whiplash)
Do you realize how similarly the two can present?

"But what about situations in which there is whiplash yet there is no direct contact of the head on any surface? The high velocity movement of the head during a whiplash event alone could produce the same effects. One example of this phenomenon occurred recently to an athlete in American professional baseball playing for the Milwaukee Brewers in Major League Baseball. In 2006, Corey Koskie suffered a concussion without a direct force to the head during a routine play in the field. While attempting to catch a ball batted in the air into shallow left field, he fell backward, landing on his upper back. The force of the fall did not cause his head to hit the playing surface but produced a whiplash-like force at the cervical spine. At this point, Koskie has missed two and one half baseball seasons because of concussion-like symptoms and his progress has been atypically slow."

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