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Originally Posted by Maineice11 View Post
I don't agree, I think he is to blame, he was given a lot of power in 2002 enough where he only needed 8 owners and himself to ensue a lockout, and now is also the owner of the coyotes so he only needs 7 owners behind him. None of us here truly know how much power he does have and if he is really calling the shots or the owners are, but with the amount of power he has to fine any owner for speaking out to the media during lockouts just doesn't seem right. Dolan wants him gone and I am sure others do too. I do believe that none of us know and all we can go by is what we think/feel. The facts in this paragraph can be found in earlier posts and articles in these multiple lockout threads.

Even if Bettman is not to blame for it, if a season is lost, I believe bettman is gone because the owners need to have a scapegoat, they can fire bettman put the blame on him to try to keep sponsors or show they are changing. That is my opinion.
guess who signed off on those changes about how many teams can veto a deal? the board of governors. the board of governors will decide whether he stays or goes. there's no reason for him to be fired if I'm on the board of governors. he's just carrying out their plans.

all of those changes you outlined in that paragraph have to get approved by someone to be put into place don't they? you really think gary bettman was the sole person to put those into place?

whether you like it or not, gary bettman is here to stay

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