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12-27-2012, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
I love how people use a player's +/- to try to prove a point that X player sucks defensively. Too bad +/- is a flawed statistic and entirely contextual depending on the team's success, it's just a number that doesn't give you the whole story. And it's not like I'm revealing the secret of the Heinz ketchup recipe here, it's pretty much common sense that +/- is a useless stat to rely on. Just by looking at the players who lead that stat shows you how flawed it is, here's a list of the players who've had the best +/- in the league in recent years:
- Patrice Bergeron (+36) with 4 other Boston Bruins players in the top 5, shows how it goes with the success of the team.
- Zdeno Chara (+33), Tony Lidman in 3rd place with +32.
- Jeff Schultz (+50), a player that Caps fan on this board want to desperately get rid of. Obviously a result of a very gifted offensively Washington team.
- David Krejci (+37).

Those are winners in the last 4 seasons, the fact that Jeff Schultz belongs on that list shows how much of a joke that statistic really is. A player like Pavel Datsyuk who's known to be one of the best defensive forwards out there in the league and recipient of the Frank J. Selke trophy 3 times has had an average +/- of 16, yet a player like Alexander Ovechkin who's not really known for his defensive prowess has averaged a +/- of 20 in the last 3 seasons. It just shows you it all depends on well the team is doing. Before last season, Plekanec had a +33 career +/-. His -15 is entirely based on the fact that the team gave him bad wingers and the team as a whole did BAD. It's easier to have a good +/- when your coach gives you favorable match-ups against 3rd lines and bottom pairing defensemen than when you have to constantly face the opposing team's best players every night. Especially when you have to not only defend against them but score too, but that's kinda hard when your wingers are Ryan White and a disinterested Rene Bourque.
+/- is not perfect but its a good indication especialy when he is supposed to be a great defensive player as many Pleks lovers say. And when you compare is +/- to most of his teammate he fares very poorly. But what i dislike the most about him his how soft he is. A girlie like he said about himself a few years ago.

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