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12-27-2012, 08:55 PM
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Canadians have an extreme sense of patriotism that is thrown upon them through media and marketing. It's not surprising, in the slightest, to see the Maple Leaf predicated everywhere.

Originally Posted by Urban Explorer View Post
I think it makes us look silly. Just my opinion though.
I agree.

If you look past the Maple Leaf, you will also see: winter, apparently unique to Canada; hockey, a Canadian game; a cold beer, a Canadian drink (see "I am Canadian"); Tim Horton's, where apparently every Canadian goes; and anything thing to do with Vimy Ridge or the War of 1812.

The satirical attempt's that involve: living in igloos, riding horses/dog sleds, peacekeeping, the beaver, tuques, and pronunciation of letters, namely, "z" has grown tremendously old.

This country is so MUCH more. But apparently we are told the opposite.

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