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F Chris Kreider (2009, 19th overall, NY Rangers) II -"What's the big deal," you ask?

Why is it that so many people talk about him like an elite level prospect? His stats anywhere aren't exactly impressive, especially this year in the AHL. I've seen many of you guys point to his playoff performance as to a reason why he's an elite prospect, and yet he didn't even put up half a point per game. He was also a -4 which seems very low for a team that had as much success as New York, and the 5-6 games I did catch I barely noticed him.

I just don't get the hype. Reilly Smith, from the Stars, has not only put up just as impressive stats in college (in a comparable league), and is tearing up the AHL right now with 10 goals in the last 12 games (much more impressive than Kreider's season so far), and yet you'd be hard pressed to find top 100 prospect lists including R. Smith. His NHL showing wasn't very impressive, but we had some very questionable coaching decisions that messed up his stats and NHL chances.

So could someone explain to me what makes him so special?

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