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12-27-2012, 09:22 PM
Let's Go Blue Jays!
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anyone staying up late/getting up early for Canada/Slovakia?

i've got so much work to do i might try "staying up late" - but i'm also hoping to catch USA/Russia live - and if i try to do it w/ no sleep i'll have been awake for about 28 hours straight by the time the US game is over...which isn't a great idea

i'll try to sleep a bit.

i don't like watching the replay of the games b/c i don't have enough self-discipline to avoid seeing the final score beforehand - and it's just not as exciting watching the games when you know the result.

i'll be happy for malmo next year where the time difference is a more manageable 6 hours (rather than the 11 hr difference b/w Ufa and EST).

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