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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I think this means you can play on two servers: original and new. Perhaps controlling four teams. It may also mean you can pick one team on one server. If that is the case it'll destroy the original server and leave only the top teams there.
Originally Posted by redcard View Post
It'll damage the original server either way, as no new teams will be signing up on the first server, and it will ultimately move to a last man standing situation.

It would be interesting to start a brand new soccer and hockey team on even footing with everyone else, but I certainly wouldn't want all the work I've done for my current teams to be for nothing.

One idea that would interest me would be the implementation of youth squads, all of your 20 and under players could play down on your youth squad building experience and playing in competitive games, and once they were good enough you could call them up. You could then put a hard cap on players on the main team to reduce the day trading of players on the market. They essentially have the program for National teams already, it would be the same idea and would make some of the players from the sports academy a little more relevant. The youngest players in my competitive line-up are 19 for soccer and 20 for hockey, meaning that any pull I get is likely going to sit on my team playing friendlies for 4 seasons before they get a shot at a full time job.
Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I agree. I have too much invested to start over at this point. Granted, I know more now then when I started and there is much I would do over. However, I've finally gotten to a point where I'm getting the reward for my long-term planning. If they launch this B server and it makes A server stagnant that'd be a terrible shame and, frankly, I'd be quite pissed.
I think the key will be to differentiate the servers enough to where most players would play on both servers. The interview mentions possibly having 2 games per day. That would probably not be enough, but I think they're evaluating the situation and will hopefully come up with a solid solution.

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