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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Actually, I don't consider Martin at fault. I consider him a fantastic coach.
He is so fantastic no one wants him to coach! Sit him right down beside Carbonneau as another "fantastic, excellent" coach no one wants.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Honestly, you'll NEVER EVER find me defending Gauthier. He's terrible, you and OSM love to defend him, but he sucked. He had no vision, I'm sorry. However, even if he sucked, lack of vision does not account for such a drop in performance. Clearly there were other factors at play. The blame should be shared but Gauthier should've been fired anyway.
So this is all you have? Ofcourse we wont find you defending him, you can barely attack him let alone defend him.

I see his vision clearly, he wanted to rid the team of bad contracts, move away from small injury prone forwards and stockpile picks for the future. We are not cracking the human genome here. I bet had Gionta not been injured he would have been traded and if the new CBA hadn't been just around the corner Gomez would have been buried.

Gauthier got a job almost immediately with a cup contender, seems like the hockey world disagrees with your "indepth" assessment.

Edit: I am going to take a bit of a shot in the dark here. Seems everyone has this irrational hate for Gauthier and his time here. Everything that ever went wrong just falls on the guy and nothing he did well gets brought up. I don't think it was his moves at all that caused the hate just like Gainey was beloved even today after he bailed out and let the habs crash and burn saddled with some of the most repulsive contracts we've seen. I think it was just his demeanor, he was weird and awkward and didn't pander and grovel to the "faithful" and the media. Could it be so simple? Is Gauthier hated with a fury for the same shallow sad reasons as why the masses cry out for a french player at every draft? He just isn't liked, kinda like how Koivu was hounded his entire career Gauthier gets to suffer because no matter what he did he would never be a "folk hero" like gainey. He is just a weird vegetarian who canned Cammy in the middle of a game and handed a bumbling french coach his walking papers.

I am starting to think habs fans like the idea of hockey more than the actual sport itself.

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