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12-27-2012, 10:39 PM
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I was wondering when a thread like this was going to pop up

Before I saw Jonathon's posts, I was preparing a draft to push KU's point but hey, we're all better now.

Look at the player and not everything else about the player. It's a funny idea I throw around once in a while and it doesn't usually get a lot of love but here it goes.

All the stats, game performances, chemistry with certain players, playoff/regular season performance, consistency, AHL/NHL performance etc, Junior years, college hockey etc. are all ways of evaluating a player without actually just understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a player in the grand scheme of things or even the NHL scheme of things.

For Kreider, there's a lot of (well deserved) hype and with the 0 games to prove his dominance in the playoffs wasn't a fluke, you basically have all sorts of other ways to evaluate him. AHL stats on a team that is being **** owned with a defensively system (where the defense is still crap) is the only thing people have to base their opinion off of.

It's funny how 1 season in the NHL "doesn't prove ****" when people are arguing against a player and then a mess of 1/2 season in the AHL is enough to draw conclusions with. Aside from AHL games that people didn't even bother to watch and is only extrapolating from stats, comparisons of a Stalberg lite is being made which really doesn't make a lot of sense anyway.

Actually delve into the player for what he is, when possible.

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